Retreat Lyngen

By Stinessen

241 m²
1341,6 m²
69°54'04.9"N 20°06'30.6"E View in Google Earth
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The Cottage

A protective shelter

Fantastic view from all rooms

The cottage is planned to underline the privacy and embrace the private panorama across the seas. The conceptual idea forms a platform in the landscape providing both the indoor and the outdoor flooring. Above this a canopy is constructed as the eastern wall and the roof providing high indoor ceilings and a protective shelter as contrast to the exposed views of the surrounding nature through the conservatory-like glass enclosure.


1st Floor

Ground Floor

Elevation South

Elevation North

Elevation West

Elevation East


Inside outside

The sound of the outdoors

The cottage is accessed via the private road leading down to the site, private parking at the end of the road behind a small bluff in the landscape. Stone paved steps set in the terrain lead along the creek and amongst the trees past the outbuilding to the entrance.

The east wall and roofing of the main building is clad entirely in Nordic green copper. In direct continuation of the entrance and just over the creek lies the central outdoor terrace. The terrace is positioned between the kitchen/dining room and the living room.

The creek continues its flow just beyond the concrete terrace floor with its' own distinct contribution to the sounds of the outdoors. The terrace is covered by the high ceiling and a fireplace provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere during dark nights.

The Site

Complete privacy

Close to the shoreline

Lyngen is an hour by car and regular ferry from the Tromsø airport. The site is another 20 minute drive out on the peninsula ending on a semi-private road shared only with a handful of other cabins and a private access to the site itself.

The site is positioned only 30m from a beautiful cobble-stone shoreline, which is rare in Norway today because of a 100m general building ban by the shorelines. This site however is part of an earlier regulation plan and was originally acquired almost 10 years ago. This site in particular sits at the end of this stretch, without any visual neighbour and in complete privacy. The landscape forms a small flat area perfectly suited for the positioning of the cottage.

A private road access has been completed along with all technical infrastructure to the site; electricity, water and even fibre optic internet connection. A small creek has been preserved during foundation works and will run under the finished flooring. All vegetation was preserved or re-planted during the road and foundation works leaving the original vegetation and trees virtually untouched.

The Area

The Lyngen Alps

A protected heritage area

The Lyngen peninsula is a protected heritage area and one of Norway's National Parks. The Lyngen Alps are one of the world´s most spectacular and famed sea to summit skiing destinations with the season extending all into the months of midnight sun, May and June. The area is also home to a rich and varied birdlife, with all of Norway's diurnal birds of prey represented.

These arctic waters are teeming with fish, from salmon and cod to halibut, and the seasonal visits by whales, seals and orcas. Although the weather may be harsh a boat trip out to the beaches on the near-by islands on a sunlit summers day – and night – is a uniquely beautiful experience. Winters offers the spectacular presence of the northern lights, particularly active in the months of December, January and February.

“Welcome to skiing's new wild frontier”

– The Guardian

The Lyngen Alps are in northern Norway, east of the city of Tromsø and well within the Arctic Circle. The range is around 90km long and 15-20km wide, and the highest peak is 1833m Jiekkevarre. The mountains are generally alpine in nature, with perfect ski touring terrain and untouched nature in Lyngen National Park – there are no lifts and few tourists despite the incredible views over the ocean fjords. Due to its Arctic location the winter nights are long and dark with snow right down to sea level until very late in the season, whereas the summers see 24 hours of daylight.

A beautiful, untamed landscape, where peaks rise more than 1,000m directly from icy blue fjords, greets visitors to the off-piste paradise of the Lyngen Alps in Norway. On a peninsula that sits 480km inside the Arctic Circle, this unspoilt wilderness offers a quiet alternative to heliskiing – with a boat rather than a helicopter.
The Telegraph

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By Stinessen

Local knowledge

Carefully Planned Retreat

At Stinessen we have used time to prepare this unique site in the most careful manner possible. We have used time to learn the unique elements of the site in particular, but also the surrounding landscape, the sun's movement during the course of a day or the climatic conditions both summertime and wintertime.

We have preserved all the trees and the vegetation as they were what we fell in love with at first sight, but also because they lend natural protection from winds and weather. We have analysed and considered all the different factors, but most of all relied on our local knowledge and gut-felt conceptual design. This is the first “by Stinessen” project and we have been fortunate enough to attract the interest of some very select partners that have wanted to be part of this unique project.

Opportunities in Lyngen are rare, but last time Stinessen designed a cottage in the Lyngen Alps it received the Wallpaper Design Award for Best Retreat.


Bulthaup logo

Bulthaup have partnered wikitchen solution with their uniqueth us for the and beautiful modular B2 kitchen.

Expo Nova logo

Expo Nova has assisted in coordinating the partnerships of Antonio Lupi for the bathrooms and Poliform for wardrobe solutiotions.

Expo-Nova Lys have partnered with us to provide both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions and have provided professional planning. The lighting is selected from Kreon, Flos and Bega.

Svenneby Sag og Høvleri is our long standing quality supplier of wooden solutions and has also partnered with us for this project, providing the oak interiors etc.

Alutech is a long standing quality supplier for glass-solutions and will install top quality structured glazing from Wicona.

Europe's largest copper supplier Aurubis will deliver the Nordic green copper exterior cladding.

Our contractor Lyngen Bygg og Anlegg AS is chosen for the quality craftsmanship and seriousness. They possess the necessary local knowledge and experience for building in this landscape and weather conditions and we know them to provide well planned and executed quality projects.


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